The Spectrum of Causality

The Spectrum of Causation

The purpose of Applied Life Science is to help people appreciate their place in the universe; with the goal of increasing understanding of the cause and effect mechanics of healing at all levels, so that appropriate options can be pursued.

What you don’t know can help you…

…if you are open to relearn what you may have thought you knew. If you totally understood the entire spectrum of causation from the twinkle in God’s eye to the day you die, then the causes of all effects would be known; as would the solutions to any health problem.   But science doesn’t know this.  The dark matter and energy lurking behind the mechanics of the universe are a perfect metaphor for the level of our scientific understanding:  we are in the dark, and getting surprised all the time.  There are things going on out there in space that are beyond our wildest imaginations.

My assumptions:

  1. The microcosm (body) reflects the macrocosm (universe)
  2. The universe was designed to support life
  3. The universe is a conscious entity

The spectrum of causation spans infinity, but we live in a tiny segment of it, known as physical reality – as small as the spectrum of visible light is on the spectrum of known radiation.  I have segregated the spectrum into five categories (a synthesis of the states of matter as described by modern and ancient (Ayruveda) scientific thought). These five natures of our existence can easily be experienced by simply taking an audit of one’s life experience.

The Five Natures of the Human Microcosm:

  1. Mechanical
  2. Chemical
  3. Electromagnetic
  4. Vibratory
  5. Conscious

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