Applied Life Science

We live in a universe filled with endless mysteries and possibilities, yet what kind of world have we created?  We spend our time as indentured servants, consuming products and fighting wars.  We live in a world where our instinctive interest in the nature of who and what we are, and our place in the universe, has been sidetracked into mundane anti-life pursuits. Our technology surpasses our wisdom, the laws of nature are kept secret, and the average person has little appreciation for their relationship with the world around them.  The result is a blatant disregard for the delicate balance that defines our existence.  How long can this go on?

There are only two outcomes in the energetics of life science: life or death.  Our actions in any given moment support the process in one direction or the other – there is no motionless middle ground.  Our society has been in a death spiral for some time, but there is hope: in the form of flexible, open minds – the next generation to rule the Earth. The world is changing fast, but we have a long way to go, and a lot of work ahead to fix what we have destroyed, and to recreate life on Earth in a way that is in accord with our true nature.

Step one: change minds.

One of the greatest challenges to changing one’s mind (what we may think of as “us”) is that the body has a mind of its own, and is resistant to change. The body’s mind (sensation, emotion and thoughts) can operate without input from the higher spiritual aspect of human consciousness (the real “us” that animates our bodies). Your body’s mind has a biased perspective hard-wired within its brain: that of maintaining its boundaries on all levels – the survival instinct. We all speak from our own biased vantage points – this is natural, but learning to see past our body bias is essential for developing a “healer’s” paradigm (the natural state of a human being).

Just as life is biased toward its survival, Applied Life Science is biased toward a healing paradigm. Hard science is biased toward structure – hard, physical, objective facts. Applied Life Science is biased toward function – hard/soft, energetic, subjective quality of life.

We cannot help but be imprinted with the prevailing paradigm of the society we are born into. This paradigm fills our mind with truths, misunderstandings and lies. It is our job as we evolve in our lives to weed out the lies and correct the misunderstandings. This is a major first step for developing a healer’s paradigm – a mind capable of holding its space and vision, regardless of what others say. Some may think/feel/wish that they could just jump to a new paradigm simply by wanting it. To some degree you can, but to another degree you can’t. To the degree that you can, great. To the degree that you can’t, you need a re-education.

Scientific arguments about who is right and wrong tend to get polarized, and the truth goes on hold until the evidence is reviewed by open minds at some time in the future. In the mean time, the obfuscated truth never gets applied, and people suffer needlessly.  In the “what causes what?” argument between allopathic and all other forms of healing, we can never really avoid all bias due to the nature of our how our brain’s learn, and our limited perspectives; but we can recognize it exists, and remain vigilant and open minded. We can be inclusive vs exclusive in our evaluation of new ideas that may fall outside our paradigms and nerve networks.

The difference between life and death is consciousness. Consciousness is the “alive” in matter – the difference between a living cell and a stain on a glass slide under a microscope. Science is “the study of”; life science is the study of consciousness. The application of which is the enhancement of the quality of your life: by consciously (on purpose) bringing into reality what you desire, be it healing for your body, or circumstances for your life. Your natural state is defined not so much by your body, but by your consciousness – the space you hold for yourself.

What does it take to make the shift from passive victim to active healer? You need to change your mind – all aspects of your psyche: from subconscious to superconscious and everything in between. You will need to address everything in your life – to reinvent yourself from the ground, up.  Start with the relationship between thoughts in your head and the corresponding feelings in your body. Concepts (especially those regarding the mechanics of healing) need to be reevaluated. Old ideas will need to be dismantled, and new ones created. Question everything. How do you perceive things? How do you know if something is “true”? Can you be proactive about “reality”  rather than reactive?    The purpose of this site is to provide food for this type of thought.

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