The 5 Natures of the Human Microcosm

The human body is a great example of the spectrum of the sciences at work. “Science” is about causation: “what causes what?”, “what was the original cause?”, etc. Knowledge of this spectrum will help to guide you deeper into the causes of chronic health problems, as well as clues to how to sustain health.

The Guiding Pyramid: a Conceptual Icon

Food Guide Pyramid (there are many versions)

Everyone has heard of the Food Guide Pyramid; it is meant to provide guidance about what to consume to maintain your health (warning: not all experts agree that processed carbohydrates should form the base). In the modern world, where our senses have been shanghaied by culinary temptations (specifically processed carbs), its purpose is to serve as a guiding light through the delicious maze of foods that are often better at maintaining illness than health.

the maze of modern health care

Our modern world is filled with another type of maze: information. It too is full of delicious facts and data, but very little guidance about what to consume. The result: well-meaning, misinformed suffering. You can always find an example of someone who tried all that western medicine had to offer, and was on the brink of death until they tried natural medicine, and now they are healthy. Likewise, you can always find an example of someone who tried all that natural medicine had to offer, and was on the brink of death until they tried western medicine, and now they are alive. This website isn’t about taking sides; it’s about learning how to see things for what they are, and taking appropriate action.

Everything works if it’s what you need.

Consider the three biggies: air, water, and food. The healthiest food on the planet is simply not appropriate for someone who is suffocating, or dying of thirst.  Food is the medicine of choice for those diagnosed with hunger. In the same way, surgery is not always the best choice for chronic back pain, any more than chiropractic is the best choice for someone bleeding to death. If we could somehow magically remove all the charged connotations placed on the problem-solution process for health care, then we might see things more as they are… and a lot of needless professional bickering (and confusion for laymen) would disappear.

Every therapy has an essence to it – a thing that it was designed to do; a goal it was designed to attain. In broad strokes, western medicine is designed to keep people alive; as this form of medicine was developed during warfare. Hippocrates stated in 400 B.C.E. “he who desires to practice surgery must go to war.” The goal of natural medicine is to keep people healthy. This distinction alone would spare a lot of suffering. Western medicine operates in the red zone, and natural medicine in the yellow and green.  The design of the body dictates that these systems should work together.

The Nature of the Human body

If you were asked “what is the nature of the human being (or even just the body)?” how would you answer? Depending on your favorite “ology” (or science), you may be biased to see the nature of the body as mechanical, chemical, electromagnetic, vibratory, or conscious. But in truth all of these natures of our being are at work in everything we do (neurophysiology makes use of all 5 phenomena to send a nerve impulse down a nerve). The Five Natures pyramid arranges body phenomena into a logical order of causation (one form of energy exchange giving rise to the next). It follows the path science has taken in its study of the body: from gross anatomy, down through the layers of the ologies, as our technology allows us to see more and more. By looking at the body from this perspective, it starts to make more sense, as everything learned about the body begins to gel into a synthesized living being.

Anatomy houses the biology of human life, and has a mechanical nature to its bones, joints and muscles, etc. Look closer at anatomy, and it reveals a totally different nature.  This process continues, as each new ology is composed of even deeper, more fundamental  ologies. Every gross anatomical structure, as well as the physiology at work in and around the body’s structure is built upon chemistry; whose fundamental power is electromagnetism; which operates through waves of energy; of which ancient spiritual science (and some quantum physicists) suggests is consciousness. Looked at the other way: when consciousness moves (or does what it does), it creates a vibration; the interference patterns of which form the phenomenon of electromagnetism; the building blocks of matter (the subatomic particles of atoms). The atoms form molecules and eventually body structures.

Practical Application of the 5 Natures

When a dysfunction is present in the body, it will be in one or more of these natures. Additionally, when we experience any sort of dysfunction, selecting therapies that address each of our five natures serves to create a balanced holistic treatment protocol (or if we were talking about food: a balanced meal). This holistic protocol may include methods from both western medicine and natural medicine, as appropriate.

Additionally the conceptual icon of the 5 Natures can be held in mind as you examine the nature of all forms of phenomena (especially those involving human beings): such as muscle testing, healing, diagnosis and treatment protocols.

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