The Way Back Home: Master shaman, Bonnie Serratore walks you through the steps to clear your own emotional baggage, and free up your life.

Blink: What Malcom Gladwell calls “rapid cognition” or “instant conclusions”, can be seen as the bridge to psychic intuition (a sensitivity to knowing). A great foundation for healers, muscle testers, and psychic students.

The Biology of Belief: A synthesis of cell biology and quantum physics. I was fortunate to study with Dr. Lipton at my chiropractic college. His approach to science influenced the Applied Life Science perspective.

Energy Medicine: The Scientific Basis: An exploration into the nature of energy. I studied with Dr Oschmann during my Rolfing training, and began to question how science interprets data.


Movies (beware spoilers)

Moon (film) (2009): A great example of body consciousness. This story illustrates the extent to which the nerve pathways in the brain represent our sense of “self”, personality and memories.



Muscle Response Testing: The “fine print” of accurate muscle testing; especially for those using it to access the subconscious for personal growth.

Quackwatch: “For every expert, there is an equal and opposite expert”. This  nay-sayer’s site holds the polar opposite perspective from Applied Life Science.  The site attempts to scientifically discredit every imaginable form of healing; which makes it a must-have mental exercise for anyone wanting to test their understanding of the phenomena of living beings. Assuming all their evidence is valid, can their conclusion be invalid?


Universal Life Church: As a healer, there may be times when you need to present a “minister’s” credential to allow you to help others. ULC (“non denominational congregation of children from the same universe”) provides a convenient way to do this.

The Institute of Noetic Sciences:  Founded by Apollo 14 astronaut Edgar Mitchell, IONS’s mission is to support  transformation through research in consciousness and healing.

TED: “Ideas worth spreading”.



The Story of Stuff: Brilliant animations that summarize important issues in our relationship to the world around us.

The-Environment.net: Portal of information and resources.



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