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AARP: Hospitals May Be the Worst Place to Stay When You’re Sick

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Medical doctors perform medicine, osteopaths perform osteopathy, so what do chiropractors do … “chiropractin” … “chiropracty”? The word you are looking for is chiropractic.

There are many methods of chiropractic, but the most bang for the buck will be found with applied kinesiologists and functional neurologists.

Applied Kinesiology:

Abbreviated as “AK”, this is an eclectic synthesis of modalities covering the braod spectrum of structure & function, to include traditional chiropractic, cranial, soft tissue (muscle, ligaments, tendons, fascia), nutrition, emotions, as well as acupuncture theory (without needles) and energetic work . – A portal for applied kinesiology sites
ICAK, USA: The International College of Applied Kinesiology, USA


Functional Neurology:

Neurology isn’t just for medical doctors.  There are two broad categories of neurological help available:

1. Pathological Neurology: Medical doctors treat life-threatening nervous system issues, like stroke.

2. Functional Neurology: Other types of doctors (mostly chiropractors, ) rehabilitate the nervous system (healing after the initial stroke treatment).  This type of treatment can also greatly help a large number of chronic nervous system issues, that few other types of therapy can match.

Carrick Institute for Graduate Studies – Chiropractic Neurology, DACNB, Clinical Neurology Education
This is for doctors (any type) who wish to study functional neurology. Read the “About” page.

American Chiropractic Neurology Board

ACFN — “American College of Functional Neurology”

Dr Powell’s Advanced Chiropractic Neurology Center
This doctor’s website has a lot of resource information (go to “About Us” tab / “ACNC Research Sites”…)


 Myofascial Release:
Active Release Technigue

Graston Technique

Barnes Myofascial Release Approach


Biochemical Issues:
James T. Reese

Michael Lebowitz


Mario E. Martinez



Native Truths: Art Runningbear provides classes, talks, workshops, seminars, personal consultations and mentorship, designed to help you realize your natural state and develop your intuition and healing abilities.


Spiritual Acceleration:  Founded by Bonnie Serratore, offers courses in shamanism, core emotional teachings, intensives and the online shamanic clearings.


IAC2International Academy of Consciousness:  A non-profit research and education organization dedicated to investigating consciousness and helping people develop their human potential.


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