The Conscience of the Child

Spirit consciousness shows itself as our conscience, or child wisdom.  Like OEM software included with a new computer, when we are born we have brand new bodies, with very little imprinting on our brains. This state is very close to our essential nature as spiritual beings – we tend to get further from this state as our impressionable brains get modified by years of life experience. It is why spiritual teachers advise us to become like children – to return to innocence (yes there are risks here if you misinterpret the essence of the teaching). The innocence they are referring to is that which perceives without agenda, knows the difference between right and wrong, and acts accordingly.

When children are “behaving like babies”, they are behaving like bodies. When they catch us off guard with their innocent wisdom, they are behaving like spirits: seeing the essence of things with pure and innocent eyes.  It is the spirit in a child body who reprimands adults for not living as they preach to children.


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