Why Apply Science to Your Life?

The way we understand how things work determines how we interact with them.  This is a major issue in health care. If we believe we have no control, we act as victims. If we believe we have control, we behave responsibly. If we believe the body is nothing more than a mechanical device, we treat it 2-dimensionally. If we believe much more than mechanics is involved, we treat it multi-dimensionally. How we look at our experience of living in a body determines our options.  Some people feel they have very few options; others feel they have many. This site provides some food for thought, with the intention of opening doors to more options.

We can’t know everything, yet everything affects us; and every day we are forced to make decisions on things for which we are ignorant. We need help understanding important matters – this is the value of living in a civilized society, where we can pool our collective knowledge for the benefit of all. Unfortunately our society is not fully civilized, and in our social waters lurk many sharks waiting to exploit ignorance…

Things are often presented to us in a way that cause us to mistake wisdom for quackery, or toxicity for health.

Ultimately the proof of any promise is found in the results… but even then we are capable of skewing our experience of the results with our beliefs and focus; so identifying absolute “truths” in our world can be quite a challenge.

Blind men describing an elephant

It is unproductive to live in fear, or to make blanket assumptions about professions and bodies of knowledge without the facts, or even an understanding of the basic concepts involved. After all, a profession or body of knowledge doesn’t help you – individual people help you. This is good news; since we can learn if a person is worthy of our trust easier than we can learn to evaluate a complex subject we know nothing about.

The purpose of this website is to help people learn how to apply the science of life to living in a body. This is the first hurdle in learning how to make wise decisions regarding your health. The focus here is not so much on the details (take this remedy for that symptom), as there are many sites providing specific solutions. The focus of this site is on refining how you process health information; so that you become empowered in your ability to choose wisely.

We begin with an audit of our experience of living in a body; and through honest reflection, we will see emerge a certain understanding of how the world we live in works. This understanding is called a paradigm (a way of looking at things).

The goal is to develop a functional life paradigm that not only is solid enough to guide us through the mire of health information, but remains flexible enough to evolve with new knowledge.

In this way we become empowered, and better able to make wiser healthcare choices. This way of looking at things does not only apply to healthcare, but equally serves our ability to evaluate politics, spirituality, environmental concerns, and even things that appear from out of the blue!

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