Scientific Sentience

We tend to lose the beginner's mind when we grow up, despite the fact that there is so much we don't know.

Applying the science of life to living in a body is about developing a beginner’s mind; in which everything is a teachable/learnable moment because you are always on the lookout for clues. If you have made a commitment to understand your existence then you need to accept responsibility for your understanding of the nature of science.  Don’t passively take it as the word of God. We must learn to evaluate the logic of science; maximizing inclusive comprehension, and minimizing exclusive dogma. In other words: assume everyone is right, and don’t make anyone “wrong”.

Santa Myth Exposed

This will take time, as it is a scientific healing process to learn, unlearn and relearn. It’s the exact same thing we did before as kids during our intellectual Rite of Passage (when we realized that despite being told about Santa Clause from people we trusted, we were able to realize it was a myth/lie, yet we continued to love our parents).

 Respect, don’t idolize

Science isn’t all it’s cracked up to be (the epicenter of objectivity and omniscience) – it’s actually a very human (emotional) endeavor with a lot of holes (mysteries) in it.  “Science” resides in the minds of human beings. With science, feel free to use your own logic. Scientists do. Scientists are people. You are a person, so you can do it too.  Scientists, like doctors, lawyers, astronauts and actors are all people – they are no more “special” than you.

How do you think scientists come up with their ideas? They think, ponder, imagine, dream, and, believe it or not, use their God-given psychic sense. They use everything at their disposal – all of their natures, regardless of how they define what they are doing. What’s the difference between a “flash of intuition” that came out of the blue, and a “psychic reading”? Nothing. It’s a natural aspect of your conscious nature.  To get in touch with who you are as a human being, you gotta go there.

In 1858 Friedrich August Kekule von Stradonitz discovered the molecular formula for benzene in a dream

Grab science by the axioms, and think it through.

 If it doesn’t make sense, something is missing – don’t be afraid to ask questions. Some doctors really appreciate patients who show an interest in their life’s work.  Follow the logic of the scientist/doctor. If they loose you, it’s their fault, not yours.  Don’t take this as an indication that you don’t have the special magical ability to access their supernatural realm  – if you think like this you are no different from ancient cultures bowing down to the gods of those with the cool toys. Time to evolve.

Try this out on the doctors and scientists in your life: ask them questions like a curious child. See if they can map the spectrum of causality all the way back to the origins of what they are talking about.  You may find they know exactly what they are talking about, or that their understanding is almost as limited as yours!  All doctors are not the same – they have different levels of knowledge and skills, and they occasionally goof – just like anyone else.

If your doctor can’t explain something in terms you can understand, then they may not fully understand it either.  Doctors have to know a lot, and can’t be an experts in everything (that’s why we have specialists). Operational knowledge and protocols may be all you need, but if you want more details, then you need to talk to a researcher.  You have to take responsibility, and make the decision at what level to stop, or keep looking for better solutions. The only way to know what’s out there is to accumulate information from all types of doctors (medical as well as natural) and compare. You need to become an expert on your problem.

There was a time when your doctor didn't know anything about this either

You have the same capacity to understand …

…any given physiological concept as a doctor. They should be able to explain one concept in a way you can understand. After all, when they first learned the concept, they were intelligent and ignorant just like you. After you learn one concept, learn another, and then another. After a while you will get smart, but stay humble (remember: you don’t know what you don’t know). There’s a lot of info available, and organizing it helps…  Applied Life Science snippets are aimed at helping you develop some fundamental understanding, that will guide your approach to the unknown.

Remain Vigilant for Dogma

Like the rest of us, doctors can get caught up in their protocols, essentially confining their creative problem-solving abilities within the box of the protocol. For chronic problems that no one seems able to help you with, you need to “drill” the next doctor you hire to see if they are able to think outside the box (part of this is being open to working with other types of doctors and healthcare practitioners).

A Doctor is Hired Help

Don’t fearfully project onto them your wishful thinking that they become your savior.  You have to take responsibility for being your own savior. You hire a doctor to help, which means you can fire them, and NOT take their advice.  They don’t have any qualms about not treating you if you can’t afford to pay. So don’t have any qualms about stopping payment and not taking their advice if need be. It’s your body; you have to live in it, not them.

Ask questions

You have to become an expert for your own chronic condition. The more you understand its ins and outs, the better the chances that you will find a golden option.




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