Your Electromagnetic Nature

What powers the human body? At the superficial mechanical level, we are fueled by food…this statement is correct, but it is quite general. Food, water and air all contribute to fueling our bodies, but to answer the question of how we get “power” from food, we need to be more specific, and look deeper into our natures.

At the next level down, the solids, liquids and gases we consume from the environment, are broken down into a chemical soup, and added to our blood for transport. Physiologists say we are chemically powered: the energy extracted from this soup is a molecule called ATP. But what about this molecule provides the power to do work?

The answer is found at a still deeper level, in our electromagnetic nature. The energy stored in ATP is found to be electricity; which holds atoms together to form the ATP molecule. Wherever there is an electric current, there is a magnetic field surrounding it, so we call it electromagnetic (EM) energy. Basically we run on electricity.

In our modern age, we may have come to think of EM energy as something created by man-made machines, but it was around long before humanity harnessed it. Electromagnetism is a fundamental force of nature. It is generated in various natural processes such as weather phenomenon, the movement of molten rock at the earth’s core, and from the movement of chemicals in biological organisms. Since the electricity in the body is produced from the atomic bonds found in the various fluids circulating in our bodies, we can say that we are electrochemically powered.

Don’t get caught up in the words and definitions – these represent arbitrary divisions to help scientists describe or focus on a particular process. There are many ways to word the same phenomenon. Part of the goal of Applied Life Science is to help you appreciate the broad playing field of the ologies (sciences), so you don’t get tunnel vision (fixated in one scientific area), and overlook available options to improve your quality of life. In other words: you have five fundamental natures, so don’t try to fix everything by focusing on only one of them.

Key issues for your electromagnetic nature:

  1. Maintain an alkaline pH, and stay hydrated
  2. Avoid/neutralize EMFs (EM Fields from electrical devices of all kinds)*
  3. Acupuncture directly treats the EM flow in your body; as do the joint manipulation therapies found in chiropractic and osteopathy
  4. The magnetic field in your hands can be used for healing
* Move electric clocks away from the head of your bed, and wear devices to help neutralize electromagnetic fields (EMFs) when around electrical equipment. Our modern environment has become polluted with EMFs, which is stressing out society as a whole. 
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