Your Chemical Nature

The gross physical world we interact with lies upon the foundation of a subtler chemical world. In other words: physical objects (like your body) are made of some substance, and so the plot thickens as your body reveals another, more subtle nature lying beneath the surface of your tangible body. The exploitation of our chemical nature is part of what motivated me to start looking at the human body in terms of its natures.

We are trained to think in terms of magic potions (drugs) since childhood – at the expense of every other aspect of ourselves. As we explore the different aspects of our nature, we will see how intimately related they are. A key concept to keep in mind: though chemicals (drugs) affect every aspect of our nature, this does not mean that the chemical approach is the most direct or appropriate solution to your problem… because all of our natures are equally pervasive – equally interwoven into the essence of the human being.  An understanding of your chemical nature will help you make wise choices in what you take into your body.

A major issue in our modern world is the drug vs food philosophies for healing and health. This is a difficult concept for those who don’t understand the difference between drugs and food. It is an especially difficult hurdle for those who forfeit responsibility for their health to magic potions (drugs). The mind is a powerful tool, but like guns, it can be misused, as we will see later with our conscious nature. The central issue here is that:


The body runs on vitamins and minerals, not drugs. This means drugs cannot rebuild or sustain your body – only food can do this. There are no raw materials in drugs from which to build a body – drugs do not contain proteins, carbohydrates or fats in a form that your body can use to repair a cell wall, build a cell receptor, or provide fuel to power life.

Chemistry is accounting: every atom must be accounted for. This happens naturally and automatically, as we will see later in the next more subtle nature behind chemistry: electromagnetism. But what needs to be understood now is that biochemistry is responsible for operating the process of life in the body. The name of the play is “Life”, and the show must go on. Every process required to maintain life has material requirements: breathing requires air, circulation requires water, and growth requires protein.  All of these material requirements come from your environment (what you take in when you breathe, drink, eat and absorb).  If a life process does not have what it needs to continue, your body will cannibalize itself to keep the play of life going. For example, the element calcium is required for many processes like nerve signals and muscle contraction. When calcium is required, it is literally taken out of your hide (from your bones). If it is never replaced, then you gradually loose bone density. Osteopenia is sign that you are consuming yourself (rather than your food) to stay alive.  “Calcium” may be in milk, but eating all the cake and ice cream you can stomach will not replenish the calcium in your bones… for the same reason that the ocean is “water”, but you can’t use it to quench your thirst.

This simple little idea will make or break you during rehabilitation; and may be the culprit behind a chronic illness. It will allow you to heal or cause you to spiral into debilitation or death. You are not made of drugs you are made of food. This is why we eat food vs drugs. Drugs affect chemistry, but drugs, a body do not make. Here is a simple flow chart:

Material > Chemistry > Body

Drugs > affect chemical processes > Body

Food > Digested (chemical process) > Body Structures

Material is consumed from your environment, manipulated by biochemical processes, and put to use forming body structures (like cell walls and organelles). You are what you eat. Drugs are materials, but they stop at the chemical phase, and do not enter into the body structure phase. Your body is not made of drugs. Drugs are not designed to form body structures. If osteopenia is causing you pain and suffering, a drug can block the receptor site for pain, but it cannot fill in the missing calcium in your bones. It’s quite ok to use drugs to mask symptoms of pain, but address the cause of the symptom as well, or you will never be free of the need for drugs, and will continue to get worse. Wisdom from natural medicine: “you do not have a drug deficiency”. Meaning your diagnosis is not that your problem originated due to a lack of drugs in your body. What is lacking is the proper material, undergoing the proper chemistry to produce proper body structures.

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