The Mind of the Healer

December 21, 2012 had a lot of meanings attached to it.  It’s the winter solstice, the beginning of the Age of Aquarius, the end of the world according to some, and the beginning of a new Golden Age according to others.  Now that the end of the world is behind us, we can get on to more important things – like how to use our minds.

Without getting into all the variations of the 2012 thing, what’s important is how we manage information in our minds. Most people are easily swayed/manipulated – especially by fear, ignorance, and wishful thinking. This way of thinking causes a lot of problems; some causing tangible health issues. The mind of a healer needs to be very clear, and neutral. It needs to be able to look at all evidence without condemnation, and hold a paradoxical attitude that is both neutral to accept what comes as well as  positively biased to alter outcomes.

Too many people in the healing communities condemn logical thinking… and to be fair, too many people in the medical communities condemn non-logical (not to be confused with ill-logical) thinking. What will it take for people to stop taking sides? It’s like the age-old war in Gulliver’s Travels about which end to break an egg.  One part of the population believes only left-brained usage has merit, and another believes only right-brained usage has merit.  The fact that we were created with both halves never seems to surface in the arguments.


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