Biased by Design

“Reality is an illusion“. We’ve all heard this before, but how is something that seems so real an illusion? In the same way as a dream is an illusion.

You see images in dreams. Where do they come from? Certainly not from your physical eyes. Dream images come from the mystery that is your mind. Your paradigm, the way you see reality, also comes from the mystery that is your mind. But what about the “objective” sensory information entering from your eyes – is that an illusion?

The light from the tree gets converted into electrochemical nerve impulses. We become aware of these impulses, not the light from the tree.

Sensory data (light) enters your  eyes – but that is where “objective reality” ends, right there on the cornea covering the lens of your eyeball. From your lens, to your retina, to your brain, to your mind are many opportunities to subjectively modify objective sensory information. Why? Because everyone is different – no two people have the exact same lens shape, nor do any two people possess the exact same neurochemistry. “Objective” light is immediately converted into subjective electrochemical signals and mental interpretations create perceptions about what is seen.

Are you seeing the top surface of the stairs or underneath them?

Take a look at the stair illusion. Which is more real: seeing the stairs from above or below? This simple example is enough to explain many of the differences in opinions and perspectives we experience from the realities of those around us. There is a bio-logic to being a social being – a member of a community.  Having a support group or a counsel to bounce perceptions off, is a good idea, otherwise there is the likelihood of one-sided perspectives and distortions that can become an issue for others (with different realities); especially with emotionally charged subjects.

Trust Experience, Question Interpretation

Dr Bruce Lipton‘s stem cell research spells it out scientifically: we are not slaves to our DNA, we actually select what DNA gets expressed into our behavior. For anything to “happen” in the body, specific DNA in our cells must be activated, which produces various responses, behaviors, etc. This DNA is not self-selecting and self-activating. DNA is selected by the conditions present in the cells’ environment (blood and surrounding tissues). What controls the circumstances of this environment? It is your perceptions – your subjective interpretations of your objective experience.

Being open minded is realizing that though you may be the center of your universe, you are not the universal center.

Do not become attached to your interpretation of your experience of reality. This mindset is unique to your specific perspective in the universe. It does not represent the “true”, “ultimate” or “generic” reality. It only represents “you”.

Your subjective perceptions create subjective interpretations, which create subjective perceptions… Do you think dog’s are the only beings who chase their tails? Humans chase their minds.

Dr Lipton’s work shows how perceptions create tangible changes in brain chemistry; and this modified chemistry is transported to all the cells in your body via your blood. Subjective biological information in the chemical soup you created is what activates specific DNA sequences, and becomes your behavior, and your experience of reality. That is why if you change your mind (beliefs, interpretations, etc), you can change your life. Dr Lipton says we are not victims of our heredity, we are masters of our biology.

You are a slave only to the gilded cage of your own mind. If you are attached to your own subjective interpretations of reality, you live in the cage of your  mind. Realize you are biased by design, and seek to know the reality beyond the limited bias of your biology – the spirit that witnesses life through the biology of your body. The more you look for this perspective, the more you will become aware of, and the more your universe will expand.

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