How Did We Get Here?

Many don’t realize that health care is all about the spectrum of causality: what causes what? If a doctor doesn’t know what is causing a symptom, how will a cure be provided? If drugs aren’t helping, what do you try next? If you have no conception of the nature of the universe (and the subset of your body), there is no “next”.  Understanding that your body operates according to the very same laws of nature that run the universe, will help you to find other options to improve the quality of your life. Medicine is slowly accepting this, and technology is running with it (biotech).

The Spectrum of Causation

The image above represents all sciences, from theology and quantum physics to biology and mechanics. Applied Life Science is all about trying to fill in this spectrum of causality; with spiritually on the left, the material world on the right, and many forms of energy transformations spaning the two ends. The five natures of the human being reflect an audit of our experience at the physical end of the spectrum. This paradigm is a stepping stone to be expanded upon as new discoveries are made. There are many gaps, mysteries, misunderstandings and questions: where did we come from, how were we created, how is matter related to consciousness, how should we care for ourselves, where are we going?

“Imagination is more important than knowledge” 

— Albert Einstein  

It’s not magic, but if you allow your self to imagine … pondering the image can aid in moving your focus out of it’s usual playground in the right or left brain hemisphere to a place beyond the mechanics of the brain. Is your consciousness dependent on your brain or only modified by it?  Is “life” merely the movement of atoms? How does the motion of atoms create “thought“? Have we accounted for everything? Is there something we don’t know that we don’t know?  Is there something inherent in the material of life that is alive?


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