Change Your Mind

If you are involved in a health crisis, your responsibility to create an inner state conducive to healing is as important as your doctor’s responsibility to support your recovery. The doctor does not heal. You heal. Your body heals. Your mind heals. Doctors support the healing process by assisting your body and mind, and creating an environment conducive to healing. Health professionals are in the environment that surrounds you. The environment can help or hinder you, but you have to be involved as well – you are the center of your universe. If you passively wait for the environment to heal you, you are forfeiting your life force; you are basically stepping out of the equation, and letting the concepts in the minds of  busy health professionals take responsibility for the quality your existence.

If you can make your condition worse, then you can make it better. The easiest way to make it better is to not make it worse. You make it worse by worrying. You make it better by changing your mind to work with your body instead of against it.

Healing requires a certain mindset. Unfortunately it is in opposition to the default mindset of our dysfunctional social programming. This means you will have to reprogram your mind (often in the face of authority working against you). This will take effort, as you will need to generate an overpressure of positive ideas constantly moving through your mind.

Goal: Reprogram the way you perceive the world such that a positive overpressure of thought, biased in the direction of creative happiness is second nature.

1.    First you must contact your deep desire for evolution.

The first step is not action – it is desire. If there is no desire to heal, learn or grow, nothing you do can help you.

2.    Read to fill your mind with wonderment and reverence.

Everything you learn forms a neurological pathway in your brain – this becomes your “mind”. Fill it with paths that shatter your mundane world, and lead you beyond yourself.

3.    Self-heal throughout the day to remake your inner image.

What needs to change for your body to smile? Identify and dissolve negative emotion generators (endless loops in your brain/mind that offer excuses to create negative feelings).  The body is a metaphor for the mind – it is designed to mimic the mind; to form itself in the image of the mind. Respect the design. Be vigilant to negativity viruses seeking to build a nest in your mind.  See yourself as you want to be. Allow the world to pass through you.

4.    Engage in service to others to externalize your creative energy.

If the biggest thing in your life is you, then depression is inevitable.  Identify your reason for being – your purpose. Marshal your life in this direction.

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