Muscle Testing for Psychic Assessment

So now we enter into the “hocus pocus” realm. As in all uses of Muscle Response Testing (MRT), the major issue is where you “go” for the information – where do you put the locus of your focus? It needs to be somewhere where there is intelligent life… because the venom ain’t talkin’! Focusing in someone’s joint, liver or emotional body works, but it can be harder to focus with inanimate objects. For purely psychic reading, you need to be in your dispassionate mental center or higher (the higher your vibration the better). Try it out yourself – different people have different strengths and abilities.

For psychic work, as with all of these uses, you have to have some basic skills and understanding.  MRT will not do the psychic thing for you, if you have not developed basic skills in dispassionate reading and interpreting intuitive information. Don’t think this stuff is beyond you – if you can daydream, you can develop these skills… it’s “applied daydreaming”. Once the skills are developed, you can augment your psychic tools with a refined version of MRT.

Warning: if your first experience with MRT is in psychic training, you are in the highest risk category for self delusion regarding interpreting MRT results… but don’t worry, many nutritional testers are close behind you. The point here is to get some experience in the different realms of MRT usage, so that you become a source of clarity instead of adding to the confusions and delusions.

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