Muscle Testing for Nutritional Assessment

When you start to move away from strict neuromuscluar issues, you more and more enter the realm of the mind. Even with nutritional testing on the tongue, there is still an idea mixed in with the saliva; from either the doctor or the patient – and they may have different ideas about nutrition.

MRT can be used very effectively with nutrition testing, even if the doctor believes “the body can sense snake venom from salt water“. The doctor must stay focused on the protocol, and be very clear what is being asked of the intelligence of the body being evaluated.  The doctor’s knowledge of biochemistry is the key ingredient in MRT for nutritional needs.

Every nutritional protocol has its own perspective on what things mean.  Generally speaking, MRT for nutritional testing is only as good as the knowledge base of the practitioner who is testing a patient. Some healing systems that use MRT, do not recommend using it to evaluate nutritional needs; since they recognize that there are many variables at play, that can not routinely be controlled. Working with human beings is not as black & white as simple math problems; as we are dealing with consciousness in perpetual flux. Recognizing this, certain systems attempt to minimize randomness in their MRT protocols.

One nutritional evaluation protocol with a built-in knowledge base is Quantum Reflex Analysis (QRA). The focus of this system is on the electromagnetic (EM) nature of MRT (keep in mind that more is at play than just EM energy).  Steps are taken to clear the body’s EM field during the protocol, and then the protocol is aimed at evaluating the EM energy running through the body’s organ meridian system. Nutritional supplementation is then selected specifically for deficiencies identified via individual organ meridians.

Ultimately the value of MRT for nutrition assessment is best evaluated after the results are in (did using MRT to evaluate nutritional needs actually help over time?).

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