The Particle/Wave Experiment

Photons behave like Gary Larson’s cows…

From Gary Larsen's "The Far Side"

For muscle testing to “work” the practitioner must realize the subjective nature of their experience, and discipline their mind to become neutral and focused – just like any doctor  must do to determine what is wrong with a patient; there are a lot of considerations to weigh.  Just as any doctor performing an exam can be misled by their own bias, so can the muscle tester (since muscle testing is an extension of one’s intuition).  Neither the process of muscle testing, nor the medical degree are magical tools that can be operated mindlessly.

Science is well aware of the subjectivity of consciousness, this is the whole purpose for double-blind, placebo controlled studies of phenomena… but this form of scientific inquiry is not always appropriate for every subject. This form of study misses the essence of muscle testing – it does not address the mechanism by which it works.

The quantum double slit experiment illustrates the particle/wave nature of matter, as well as the fact that the observer affects what is observed. In other words: we do not see things “objectively”, but rather “subjectively”. We do not simply “look” at something… we “observe” with an intent. We are always looking for something, and interpreting what we see – giving “meaning” to otherwise meaningless events. Our very presence creates “sound” for a tree falling in the forest. Our intent not only affects how we interpret what we see – it actually changes what we see!

This is a very tangible aspect of life that we experience all the time in how we relate to others. If we hold a space for another that they are wonderful and can do no wrong, then they do wonders. However, if we hold a space for them such that they are wrong, then they can do no right. These concepts are essential to understanding the nature of muscle response testing … it is a conscious phenomenon.

When no one is watching the experiment:

When scientist record data without observing the experiment, photons act as waves of energy.



When a scientist is watching the experiment:

When scientist record data while observing the experiment, photons act as particles of matter.


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