Quantum Physics Applied to Muscle Testing

Muscle Response Testing (MRT) is a conscious phenomenon. It has generally been the experience of scientific thinkers that the laws governing the physical and psychic (mental) realms are different. This is part of why society split knowledge of the universe into the two realms of science and religion; and science again split its realm into “hard” (physical science) and “fuzzy” (psychological science).  Modern quantum mechanics (QM) is bringing the two back together; in part by recognizing that both physical and psychological are manifestations of energy.

The definition of “quantum” that I am using for MRT is: “the smallest quantity of some physical property, such as energy”. The physics of the quantum level of matter (much smaller than atoms) is very different story from the gross/tangible level of matter (the Newtonian physics of objects we can see and touch).

One of the key aspects of QM is a realm of infinite possibilities (the wave state of reality). Conscious awareness influences this wave property in such a way that “collapses” the wave function, and brings into manifested existence (physical experience) only one particular possibility (the particle state, or what physically manifests) . Strange as it sounds to our old social programming about what makes the world go ’round, there are scientific experiments that proved these concepts.

In a nut shell: QM states that consciousness influences matter.  Physical science says there is only matter and energy in the universe; and Einstein determined long ago, that matter is just another form of energy. Consciousness is also energy (since it’s not matter, it has to be energy); and so both matter and energy share the same language.

QM Concepts that Apply to MRT:

1.      Matter has a particle/wave nature. The wave aspect represents the realm of possibilities, and the particle represents the realm of manifestation (or what actually happens when something is measured).

2.      Observation affects what is observed. We are not separated from our environment or other people. There is something not physically obvious connecting (and serving as a means to influence) everything.

3.      Quantum Entanglement. Two different things can be connected in a way that is not physically obvious; and they can affect each other from a distance.


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