Why Healing Doesn’t Work…

…because it’s all in your head.

When we say something is “in your head”, we mean you are imagining it.  You can use your imagination to heal, but you can’t heal with imagination.



Imagination Entertains the Mind

Belief Heals the Body

 If your healing efforts are not producing results, you may be fooling yourself with an imaginative story in your head. You need to get it down into your body. You need to move the energetic process from an aloof consideration in your head, down into a tangible experience in your body. If you can hold your doubtless attention on a desired result, feel it as if it were already true, and cause yourself to experience some sort of bodily sensation (heat, tingling, etc) at the healing site, you can heal.

Your body must have some sense that it is “real” for healing to work – so engage your mind, emotions and sensations… as they say: “you will see it when you believe it”. What causes things to become real (“work”) is belief – not just saying “I believe”, but experiencing what it feels like to believe – big difference.

The body is a metaphor for the mind

Have you ever been talking to someone and watched their eyes glaze over… as their mind wandered somewhere else? In the same way someone who is well trained in healing, intuition, muscle response testing, or psychic reading can tell if you are “present” to what’s going on; if your focus is in your mind or body; if there is resistance, etc.  You (as the receiver of a healing) may think you are giving a healing a fair shake, but a good healer can see if you are in the proper state of mind.  In order to not work against the healer’s efforts, you will need to discipline your mind to allow it to work (no one can help you against your wishes). The hardest part about healing is that it works on premeditated belief, not after-the-fact proof. It’s about creating what you want to happen, rather than waiting to see what happens without your input. Healing requires your input.

Healing is not magic (effect without cause), it is simple universal mechanics (cause and effect) – it is the design of the universe.  Some people tend to look at healing like a cheap sword & sorcery movie: with sparkly flashes of light and guaranteed success (no matter how bad the problem).

To heal you have to make a quantum leap: to convince your body to do what the mind tells it to.  We are trained from birth to believe we are helpless to help ourselves – that we need to rely on magic potions (drugs) to do what our minds are designed to do… is it any wonder why our minds deteriorate with age? We are not using them!  Just as with anything else in life: if you want something, you have to make it happen. The conscious universe is like a genii – ready to support your wishes to create. In other words you need to tell it what to do – the way your mind tells your body what to do.  If you want a healthy body, you have to discipline your mind to hold the image (and feeling) of health.

Not everyone will have the same results, due to many factors… the biggest being the doubt to confidence ratio. The body is a metaphor for the mind. If you give it a clear message, it will make it happen. If you give it conflicting messages, it will give you conflicting results. This is a mental muscle to be exercised. It is the purpose of this website to provide snippets of insight to help you exercise your healing consciousness.  Your body heals by default, but providing clear mental direction (especially from your higher mind or spirit consciousness) makes it much more effective.

Morihei Ueshiba, Founder of Aikido

“Enter with form, exit without”

Morihei Ueshiba

There are many energetic healing systems available to learn, with more popping up all the time. If you study enough of these systems, you will begin to see a pattern: they all operate from the same fundamental principle: belief heals.  That’s all you need – simple belief. All the rest of the training programs are just support tools or mental “handles” to grab a hold of, to help you make the quantum leap.

Anyone can study a system, not everyone can master the ability to heal. A system is like training wheels to help you accomplish your healing goals, until you can shoot from the hip with confidence.

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